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This is where the Art and Soul of Water come together. At Pond~ology, our goal is to create beauty and harmony that inspire the soul and dazzle the senses.

Please browse our site to learn more about our history and services. Be sure to tour our portfolio and view samples of our latest work. We look forward to designing your water feature project.

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Water Wise Pond Design & Building Services

The term "Water Wise" is actually from the landscaping industry. In the Pond and water garden business, it simply means any feature that has been designed to run more efficiently. Proper planning is the single most beneficial thing we can do.

Every pond we design or build is placed in the yard to make the most of your personal outdoor space. Each water feature has an energy efficient pump, mechanical and biological filter, and uses plants that will be a compatible match to conserve or reduce the excess use of water. While ponds are quite beautiful and relaxing, they also need regular maintenance. By better understanding the water chemistry and biological needs of the fish, we can help you maintain a crystal clear pond. Applying our knowledge and years of experience, we have been able to grow within this industry and build a safe and very water conscious business.

Pond-less Waterfalls Easy Maintenance

Every pond-less water feature designed and installed by Pond~ology will include a mechanical and biological filter, self contained pump vault and an energy efficient submersible pump to do the work of circulating water to the waterfalls. We use a timer that is set to control the on/off schedule. Using a very durable 45 mil. EDPM liner and underlayment, any size or shape waterfall can be built. We cover the entire liner with custom rock work including the waterfalls and streams. Lights are tucked into the rock work to showcase the feature at night. Finally, an automatic water fill valve is installed to keep the underground water level constant.

A pondless water feature is a safe and practical way to enjoy the sights and sounds of water, without having the pond to worry about or maintain.

Underwater Lighting and Outdoor Landscape Lighting with all Projects

Having defined your outdoor living space, you can enhance your enjoyment by including a custom lighting feature. Specifically designed for your property to highlight and showcase your home and garden, the additional portrait of lighting will be the final touch of beauty you were looking for. As well as the elegance that lighting will bring to your space, all of our premium lighting systems carry a lifetime warranty for fixtures, transformers and workmanship. We incorporate fixtures made from durable brass, copper, and stainless steel to make sure that we provide long lasting results and energy efficiency that you will appreciate.

Outdoor Living Space Designs

Having a water feature that enhances your outdoor living space can improve your ability to unwind. The integrity of Pond~ology is to build a custom feature that makes you want to spend time outdoors. Whether its a pond with koi fish, an antique stone carved fountain, pondless waterfall, or a fire pit with additional landscaping or hardscaping, we want you to love and enjoy your outside design.

Custom Water Feature Designs

Creating water features for a yard or outdoor space can be a quite an organic process.

Each project is treated as a one of a kind experience and the development a design can be inspired by many different images. It is the job of the designer to capture the spirit and essence of each clients desires and then create their personal feature using the natural elements to seamlessly blend it into their space.

Fire Features and Fire Pits

At one time, these beautiful and exotic fire features could only be seen at expensive hotel and resort destinations. Fire features are the height of refinement and style. With so many possibilities available they can now be incorporated into both modern and old world styles. We can enhance any patio space with a fire feature from a tradtional fire ring or rectangle, to a more dramatic fire pot to accent your backyard setting.

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Harvesting rainwater to run new or future water features is now possible. Green technology makes dollars and “sense” by reducing water bills including city storm and sewer charges. Alleviates demand on municipal systems and avoid strict watering restrictions. Rainwater can be used for:

  • Irrigation of lawns and planter beds.
  • Protect property from wildfires.
  • Topping off water features, swimming pools and hot tubs.
  • Washing cars or patio or decks.

According to a gallup poll March 2008, when Americans were asked to rate their level of worry about each of 12 envirornmental concerns, the top 4 relate to the quality of water.

1 inch of rainwater on a 2000 sq. ft. roof = 1,250 gallons of water.

The average US household with a 10,000 square foot lot uses 5,000 gallons of water weekly for landscape irrigation. Locating and storing the water underground maintains the integrity and beauty of your home and landscape.

Retro-Fitting / Consultations on Existing Ponds

All types of ponds will benefit from regular scheduled service visits. Our mission is to "Treat your pond like it was our own." We strive towards a healthy "eco-system" for your fish and plants year round. Koi and all pond fish require balanced water to flourish. Pond~ology can test for unhealthy water conditions and perform the necessary work to correct the problems and return the pond to a safe place for the fish to thrive and grow. Spring and Fall clean outs are also a beneficial way to freshen up a ponds water quality.

As a pond matures over the years, many different issues can become concerns. We have many new and improved products to consider when a upgrade is determined to be the best for your pond. Breathing new life into a pond and solving problems is Pond~ologys speciality and it helps prolong the life of the pond and its inhabitants.